About ClickerUP


What is ClickerUP:

  • Goal in a short sentence:
    A free and easy [Powerpoint + Google Forms]  Audience Response System
  • Details:
    • A MS Powerpoint AddIn that connects to and shows updates of a Google Form poll to be show to a large audience
    • Results of the poll allow audience to “communicate” with the speaker (AKA Audience Response System)
    • The respondents use their own devices (example celular phone) to access internet
    • In order to make this even easier for the audiences, QRCodes and shortened links are automatically produced
    • Data is stored in an MS Excel File and the chart is embedded in MS Powerpoint (using OLE)
    • Embedding MS Excel chart in MS Powerpoint means that format changes are kept during updates!
    • “Live Update” start automatically upon entering presentation mode
    • At this point the installer is an executable file
    • The AddIn must be installed in the developer and in the presenter PC
  • Financed by University of Porto as an Educational Project
  • Proponents:
    Manuel Firmino – DEI / FEUP / UP
    Sara Ferreira – DEC / FEUP / UP
    Armando Sousa – DEEC / FEUP / UP
    Teresa Ramos – SDI / FEUP / UP
    Cristina Lopes – SDI / FEUP / UP
  • Programming: João Santos, UP, 2017/18


Suggestions and Bug Reports: clicker@up.pt